Giveaway and Review: Techinline, Remote Assistance Software

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Giveaway and Review: Techinline, Remote Assistance Software

Post  asrielrusdyawan on Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:26 pm

Techinline is a remote support tool that enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers over the web and to any point on the globe. Powered by innovative Techinline Remote Desktop technology, the software is oriented not only towards large and medium sized businesses, but also towards the needs of small firms and ordinary PC users.
With our remote desktop software, your support team can quickly view, diagnose, and fix remote desktops without pre-installing software. Our cost-effective solution enables you to:

  • Remotely control any desktop anywhere in the world
    Transfer files/clipboard between the remote and local computers
    Reboot and reconnect the remote computer
    Send and receive text chat messages

Discover the easiest and most affordable method of providing remote assistance to your clients. Cut travel costs and increase efficiency with the Techinline remote support solution.



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